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Affordable, Effective Advertising for today's economy

Who we are:
"The Little Local Paper" is a FREE weekly newspaper that is distributed throughout Lawrence County and Mercer County in many of the local mini marts, drug stores, grocery stores, gas stations, beauty salons, restaurants, and several other locations.
What we are about:
"The Little Local Paper" isn't just about advertising. It's about affordable, effective advertising for today's economy.  Being a local business owner I also have felt the impact of our ever changing economy.  Much to often, we see local businesses have to downsize, relocate to another area, or even much worse close their doors forever.
Our purpose:
The main reason we launched "The Little Local Paper", was the simple fact that we saw a need for affordable print advertisement. Now, being able to offer print paper ads in "The Little Local Paper" as well as online ads with, we feel that we have covered the bases for your advertising needs helping your business become

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